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meditherm med2000 camera

Our Camera / Meditherm med2000™

Thermography of Wisconsin solely uses the Meditherm med2000 system. This camera is an FDA registered Class1 medical screening device that was designed and manufactured exclusively for medical application. The Meditherm med2000 maximizes the potential thermography by delivering medical grade sensitivity and specificity. The Meditherm med2000 has over a 20 year history of successful performance, and the reliability of the Meditherm system has been proven worldwide.
The only thermography system specifically designed and calibrated for optimal operation in the narrow temperature range of metabolic heat and physiologic function. Therefore, it can focus on region of interest from 2 inches to infinity while still detecting 100% of the body’s emitted infrared radiation.

The efficient internal reference temperature of the med2000 iris and the auto correction with unique agile processing technology eliminates the problems of thermal drift suffered by other cameras.  This permits less critical protocols without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.
Each thermogram displays 64,000 different temperatures displayed as pixels. We achieve the most accurate readings because each pixel is an individually referenced measurement which can be compared to ant other pixel within an image, image to image, and comparison over time. This ability is crucial when monitoring the progression of a disease or recovery from an injury.
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