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DITI is an adjunct to breast health for women. The benefit of DITI testing is that it offers a visualization of the current physiology of the breast. The thermal scan is sent to a team of trained medical doctors to be read. They in turn provide a report that the client can take to her health practitioner  of choice for follow-up.

breast health scan

The imaging procedure is painless, 100% non-invasive, and emits zero radiation. You and your health care practitioner can review the findings and plan a careful program for your best care.

DITI breast screening is beneficial for women of all ages as a complement to a mammogram. It is especially appropriate for younger women, ages 30-50 whose denser breast tissue. DITI can provide a clinical marker to the doctor or mammographer that a specific area of the breast needs particularly close examination.

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When DITI is used in conjunction with a multi-modality approach, breast self-exam, routine breast exams with your practitioner and mammography, the best possible evaluation of breast health is made.

Thermograms are not often covered by insurance however,  you may want to contact your insurance company to determine their reimbursement policy & procedure for Thermograms.

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